2020 International Conference on Geotechnical, Civil Architectural and Safety Engineering
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2020 International Conference on Geotechnical, Civil Architectural and Safety Engineering (GCASE 2020) accepts original and unpublished papers. The papers may include but are not limited to: 

  • Safety Engineering / 安全工程

Information Security信息安全
System Security系统安全
Cyber Security网络安全
Cryptography Technology密码技术
Engines and Information retrieval引擎和信息检索
Risk control风险控制
Monitoring Technology监控技术
Public Safety and Public Health Security公共安全与公共卫生安全
Safety Ergonomics Technology安全人体工程学技术
Mining Safety矿山安全
Safety Technology of Petroleum and Chemical石油化工安全技术
Safety Technology of Explosion and Blasting爆破安全技术
Electrical safety电气安全
Emergency management and fire safety应急管理与消防安全
Aviation and Aerospace Safety航空和航天安全
Transportation Safety运输安全
Rescue disposal and personnel safety救援和人员安全
Control Techniques防治技术

  • Geotechnical Engineering / 岩土工程

Soil Dynamics土动力学
Soil Behavior and Geomechanics土壤行为和地质力学
Unsaturated Soil Mechanics非饱和土力学
Seepage and Porous Mechanics渗流与多孔力学
Ground Improvement地基处理
Deep Foundations深基坑
Rock mechanics and rock engineering岩石力学与岩石工程
Geoenvironmental engineering环境岩土工程
Geohazards & Earthquake engineering地质灾害与地震工程
Offshore geotechnics离岸土工技术
Mining geotechnics矿业土工技术
Sustainability in geotechnical engineering岩土工程的可持续性
Pavement materials and structures路面材料及结构

  • Civil Architectural / 土木建筑

Structural Engineering结构工程
Highway Engineering公路工程
Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering水利与水电工程
River & Coastal Engineering河流与海岸工程
Port and Waterway Engineering港口与航道工程
Tunnel and Bridge Engineering隧道与桥梁工程
Seismic Engineering地震工程
Coastal Engineering海岸工程
Civil Engineering Material土木工程材料
Construction Technology施工技术
Civil Engineering Machinery and Equipment土木工程机械与设备
Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE计算机仿真与CAD/CAE
Civil Engineering Information Management土木工程信息化管理
Computational Mechanics计算力学
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation防灾减灾
Architectural design and its theory建筑设计及其理论
Building Materials建筑材料
Green Architecture绿色建筑
Renewable Energy and Building Energy Conservation可再生能源与建筑节能
Building Information Modeling建筑信息模型化
Building technology science建筑技术科学

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